About Us

PM Productions has been providing video production and media archiving services in Central Illinois since 1993.

I’m Mark Landman, the founder of PM Productions. My journey in Television Production began during my time at Michigan State University, where I pursued a degree in Telecommunications. After graduating, I honed my skills as a director at various TV stations across the Midwest. Additionally, I served as the Operations Manager at Nebraska’s first independent TV station for nearly two years.

With almost 20 years of experience in local broadcasting, I felt it was time to establish my own production shop. While video production remained my primary focus, the demand for transferring old videotapes to the then-new technology of DVDs increased in the mid-90s. As the media landscape rapidly evolves, DVDs are making way for flash drives and online storage, while analog tapes are being replaced by digital tapes and memory cards. Successfully navigating these changes requires updating equipment while still catering to the older formats.

Fortunately, my background in TV production grants me a valuable advantage in comprehending these emerging technologies. At PM Productions, we are well-equipped to handle the intricate aspects of media innovation, ensuring a seamless transition from legacy formats to cutting-edge solutions.

More than just media archiving

While media archiving has lately made up the majority of our business at PM Productions, we are proud to still offer top-notch video production services. Our recent projects have primarily focused on personal and corporate event videos, but we have also successfully created training videos, athletic recruiting videos, and engaging testimonial videos. Currently, we are eagerly planning an exciting new venture: a YouTube channel featuring a talented local chef. If you have a video project in mind, give PM Productions a call to discover how we can bring your vision to life.


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