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 Don't let your precious family films sit around gathering dust just because you don't have a film projector.  PM Productions can convert your 8mm, super-8 and 16mm films to long-lasting DVDs as well as digital files which can be viewed on your computer or uploaded to an online service such as YouTube.  

Bad splices are repaired and films are cleaned of surface dust and dirt before being transfered.  A single color correction will be applied to the entire reel if needed - for example if the entire reel is too yellow.  Scene-by-scene color correction can be added for an additional charge.



Before your film is transfered..

The first thing we do is make sure that the film is wound on the reel correctly.  It's not uncommon to receive films that are wound backwards or upside down.  Next we clean the film of surface dust and dirt and repair any bad or broken splices. Occasionally the initial cleaning isn't enough to remove embedded dirt or mold stains. Depending on how badly the film is effected,  soaking it in a different cleaning solution for anywhere from a few hours to a few days may clear up the problem.  

The transfer process

8mm and Super8 films are transfered on a modified projector.  The modifications include a sprocketless film transport to reduce the possibility of damaging your film, an enlarged projector gate so that you can see more of the image and an LED light source for even illimination of the entire image.  The projector works in conjunction with a computer to do a frame-by-frame capture of your film.  This eliminates the flicker that is apparent in many other film transfers.

Color Correction and other processing

Color correction can do a lot to improve an image. It can reduce, if not eliminate, the color cast that results from indoor film being shot outdoors or vice versa. It can brighten an underexposed image or help to bring out some detail in an overexposed film.  

Read more: Color Correction and other processing

Additional Services

•Scene-by-scene color correction

•Add subtitles to include text information about the film to the video

•Transfer to hard drive, USB drive, or encode for the web

•Add metadata to movie files to sort and categorize your videos.



Transfers Done In-House

Don't risk shipping your valuable films and videos out of town-all transfers are done right in our office.

Flexible Hours

flexible hours

 Our regular hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30AM to 6:00PM. We are also open nights and weekends by appointment.

Convenient Location

Our LocationPM Productions is located in the Illini Studio building at the northwest corner of the intersection of Springfield and Prospect in Champaign.


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