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Photo and slide scans

PM Productions can preserve your photos, slides and negatives on DVD discs, hard drives, USB drives or files for 'the cloud'.  Once they have been scanned, your images can be color corrected and minor damage such as rips, spots and wrinkles can be repaired.  Your images can be scanned at resolutions suitable for viewing on a computer monitor or TV, or for an additional fee they can be scanned at resolutions suitable to make prints up to 11" x 12.5".

PM Productions just added high-speed document scanning to our list of services

We just completed a job for a local law firm which required scanning over 3100 documents.  The documents were scanned as multi-page searchable PDF files and delivered to the client on a USB thumb drive in just 2 days. Multi-page files allow hundreds of pages of text to be searched in a matter of seconds.  Give us a call if this sounds like this is something that could be of use to you.  We'd be glad to discuss your project and see if we can help.


Transfers Done In-House

Don't risk shipping your valuable films and videos out of town-all transfers are done right in our office.

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