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The difference between duplication and replication

All data discs contain a series of microscopic pits and grooves that contain the data which is read by a laser in your data disc drive.  The difference between duplication and replication has to do with how those pits and grooves are put on the disc.

Duplicated Discs

Duplicated discs are the types of discs you burn in your computer.  The same laser that reads the data is used to burn the pits and grooves into a thin metal foil on the disc.  

Advantages:  1) No special preparation is nesessary, so discs can be duplicated in small quantities-just a single disc if necessary.  2) Duplication orders and be filled quickly.  A single disc can be duplicated in 15-30 minutes and 1000 discs can usually be duplicated within a week.

Potential disadvantages: 1) Higher per unit cost than replicated discs.  2) There is a slight chance that your computer or dvd player may not be able to read a duplicated disc.  This is a very rare occurance, but it does sometimes happen.  Many times the problem is limited to a particular brand of media in a particular model of DVD player.  On the rare occasions when this happens, burning the disc on a different brand of media usually corrects the problem.  Burned (duplicated) discs are generally compatable with 99-plus percent of the DVD players on the market - but it is not 100%.

Replicated Discs

Replicated discs are mass-produced discs like the ones found in dvd movies released by the major studios.  The pits and grooves that make up the data are actually molded into the plastic that makes up the DVD.

Advantages: 1) Replicated discs are supposed to be 100% compatable with all DVD players.  2) Replicated discs can be produced in very large quantities.  3) Lower per unit price than duplicated discs.

Disadvantages:  The major disadvantage to replicated discs is the inital cost to make the mold for the discs.  2) Because of this cost, replication usually requires a minimum order of 1000 discs.  3) Replication orders can take 3 to 5 weeks to complete.

Duplication and Replication

PM Productions can provide you with as many copies of your project as you need - anywhere from 1 to 10,000 copies on CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs.  We can also provide videos on thumb drives, CF or SD cards or hard drives.  Quantities of 1 to 1000 copies can be duplicated while replication requires a minimum order of 1000 copies.


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