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PM Productions: The next best thing to your own in-house video department

We all know that the economy is tight. Business have to cut expenses wherever they can.  An in-house video department is viewed as a luxury that few small to medium sized business can afford anymore.  

PM Productions can help.  We can be the next best thing to having your own in-house video department, but without the overhead.  Whether you have a month long project making a series of training videos or just an afternoon duplicating DVDs for next week's shareholders meeting - you hire us just for the time that you need.  There's no long term commitment and no ongoing overhead.  Even if you do have your own video department we can help to extend your reach into the central Illinois area.

Some of our clients include:

•Pricewaterhouse Coopers


•Sigma Aldrich


•National Council of Teachers of English

•General Mills

•Paramount Television

•Urbana Public Schools

•The High School of St.Thomas More

•various departments and student organizations at the Univ. of Illinois.

Recruiting Videos



To put together an effective recruiting video you need to do more than just string a bunch of video clips together.  We can use your video or footage that we shoot to help you produce a video that will help your athelete get the attention of college recruiters.  We'll add athletic stats, academic standings, identifiers to point out your athelete on the field, music and contact information to make your video stand out from the crowd.  We have produced videos for high school players who have gone on to play at Purdue, Princeton, Penn, and the University of Chicago.

Call or email PM Productions today to see how we can help your athlete get noticed!

CORE Construction

While it won't win any awards for cinematography or a compelling storyline, this is a type of video that many construction companies need. CORE Construction needed a video documenting the condition of a building on the campus of the U of I before they started reconstruction work. Each of the 200-plus rooms had to be videotaped as well as all of the hallways, stairwells and exteriors.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center adds website videos produced by PM Productions

PM Productions was recently contacted by Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center in Savoy to produce 4 videos for their website.  Each video needed to be 2-4 minutes in length and a quick turn-around time was needed.  All 4 videos as well as supporting cutaway shots and exteriors were shot in a single morning.  To help speed up the process, preliminary graphics treatments were made before the shoot so that the doctor view and approve them during the shoot.  Once the editing was completed, approval copies were posted online so that the spots could be approved at the client's convenience without having to set up an appointment to view them.


Flexible Hours

flexible hours

 Our regular hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30AM to 6:00PM. We are also open nights and weekends by appointment.

Convenient Location

Our LocationPM Productions is located in the Illini Studio building at the northwest corner of the intersection of Springfield and Prospect in Champaign.


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